Eye Cloud

They are made from hyper-elastic plastic called ULTEM, which comes with great flexibility and lightweight. Designed and made in Japan comes with strong confidence of quality assurance. The liquid molding injection technology and improved hinge design to ensure that every piece will last.

The frame has SUPER ELASTICITY. It is flexible like a cloud. ULTEM has superior characteristics of super elasticity and high rigidity. The frame turns out to be extremely child-friendly item due to its high intensity against bending and impact strength. It is definitely a great choice during parenting.

Rubber temple end gives comfort in wearing and a good fitting feel. Hinge with designed screw head to prevent a looseness of screw. Silicon nose pad gives a soft touch. The comfortable nose pad avoids leaving a mark on the nose. Ultimate light weight frame made of ULTEM material. Specific gravity of ULTEM material is about a quarter of titanium. The brand release 3D original and beautiful designs by making many improvements on making mold and molding methods. A variety of designs are available. There are metallic colors, transparent shiny colors and demi colors in our collections.

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