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Since opening our door in mid of 2015, we aim to provide the most comfortable vision to our clients. Our services cover comprehensive eye tests done by professional optometrists, eye health screening, contact lens fitting, specialty care, and helping clients to find the most suitable eyewear for their faces.

We are passionate about discovering creative and modern eyewear designs across the globe and add on to our collection, working along with our principles to handpick and making sure that we select the best for our clients.

In Zen Vision, we focus to give LIFE to your daily vision and to enhance your STYLE, IMAGE, and PERSONALITY. Our philosophy is finding a perfect spectacle is to have a balance between SCIENCE and ART.

Spectacles Lens

In the world of short-sightedness or we called it as ‘’myopia’’ in the clinical terms.It is actually a life-long burden which creates blurry vision, commonly found among children in schooling age and if left untreated properly not only slow down their academic performance but also learning process in school.

Higher degree of myopia also falls into a higher risk of developing further visual problems such as retinal detachments, glaucoma, macula degenerations.

Contact Lens

As lifestyle changes, there may be a need for these lenses to help patients to perform better on their desired activities. However with long term contact lens usage it may also Interfere with our normal tear flow and impact the corneal surface. Therefore proper fitting assessment for new wearers is important to ensure they select the right choice of lens for their eyes.


Our Services


New Arrival Sunglasses 2021

Find your perfect frame of sunglasses that keeps your eye comfort all day long.

Vision Care Services

Go For A Refractive Eye Examination

The process of getting the right power. Most common tests in any visual examination, simple screening through will not be specific and accurate.

Binocular Vision Assessment

The eye has the capability to judge distance and depth(3D vision) in a very accurate way given that our binocular vision system is functioning normally.

Lazy Eye (Amblyopic) Consultation

This condition quite often appears in kids, whereby one eye is not functioning as much as the other eye. With good early examination and detections before age 7 years old

ColorVision Screening

Colorblind is inherited and often found in many cases. A child may have missed out this easily and only to discover later on in teenage life.

Slit-lamp Eye Examination

It is an easy and non-invasive eye examination for the anterior segment of the eye and also mid posterior segments.

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