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Passionate Vision Care in Penang

Zen Vision is recognized as the best advanced vision eye specialist centre in Penang. We acknowledge the meaning of life that only eyes can provide, therefore, we are determined to offer the best services possible.

Vision Care Penang is all about offering the best eye care services to protect your eyes where we have built a stellar reputation within the last few years. We are passionate about what we do and always ensure that the services we offer are genuine, world-class, and strive to provide you various eye care solutions.

Services Offered

With the use of the latest technology, ZenVision offers comprehensive services which include detailed eye tests, fitting of contact lens, eye health screwing and personalized lens.

We have the best eye specialists in Penang to conduct eye tests and screenings while our specialty care includes testing for myopia progression, binocular vision, lazy eye and compute vision syndrome. We also have a collection of fashionable eye wears to ensure that our customers feel comfortable without compromising on style.

Refractive eye examination

Binocular vision assessment

Color vision screening

Dry eye related problems

Contact lens related problems

Slit-lamp eye examination

Full Package Kids Eye Test in Penang

Parents have the responsibility to keep track and pay extra attention to any signals on the development of their baby’s eyesight because babies cannot declare if they have any eye issues.

Early detection of vision issues in kids is highly important. The kids eye test in Penang offers comprehensive screening and tests for all possible scenarios. In the tests, we check the child for eye power, eye diseases, etc.

We assure you that we care for your kids’ vision as much as you do because our vision eye specialist will conduct necessary check-ups and address the issues of your kids. Of course, we provide solutions towards the problems as well if there’s any.

Our vision eye specialist will conduct the necessary check-ups and address the issues. Furthermore, we also provide solutions to the problems, if any.

Well Known Relax Lens in Penang

In Zen Vision, we are famous for our relax lens in Penang which can help you to avoid visual fatigue. We provide these lenses so that you never have to choose between your work and pleasure. Now, you can work all day long but still have the energy to partake in activities planned afterward.

We offer high-quality lens and assure that we provide only the best for our customers. We understand and appreciate the value of eyesight and strive to provide better vision for all. Contact us and know more about it today!

Comfortable Multifocal Lens in Penang

Multifocal lenses offer a two-in-one solution to your eye issues. You no longer have to wear eyeglasses, nor do you have to worry about distance and near vision. The multifocal lens is designed in such a way that different types of power are integrated into one lens. It is especially beneficial for people suffering from presbyopia (age-related eye problems).

You can always get the multifocal lens in Penang from Zen Vision. When it comes to the multifocal lens, we offer nothing but the best. You will never have to complain or doubt the quality of the lens that we provide. We realize the importance of having a good vision and strive to offer the best lens possible.

The style of the multifocal lens can be divided into two main categories which include soft lenses and hard lenses. You can choose any one of them but remember to get opinions from your optometrist.

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