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Zen Vision is recognized as the best advanced vision eye specialist centre in Penang. We acknowledge the meaning of life that only eyes can provide, therefore, we are determined to offer the best services possible.

Vision Care Penang is all about offering the best eye care services to protect your eyes where we have built a stellar reputation within the last few years. We are passionate about what we do and always ensure that the services we offer are genuine, world-class, and strive to provide you various eye care solutions.

Services In Zen Vision

It is more than just an eye screening process. We will walk through to understand the patient’s visual problems and cover the necessary procedures for. With the latest technology of new instruments and combined experience from our optometrist, patients now can have early intervention when we discover their visual problem.

Other specialty care that we also focus on are such as 


  • Myopia control program for kids
  • Orthokeratology 
  • Customized soft contact lens fitting for high prescriptions

Refractive eye examination

Binocular vision assessment

Color vision screening

Dry eye related problems

Contact lens related problems

Slit-lamp eye examination

Kids Eye Examinations

Kid’s vision development is rapid and progressive in the first year of life and will continue to evolve throughout their childhood years. Therefore having a thorough eye check is important as it will reveal any potential visual problem and if early intervention is done that will greatly affect the visual outcome of the child later in life.

Efficiency of treatment at early age

Childrens is more responsive to treatment because of Neuroplasticity. It is when the child’s brain still has the capacity to adapt to changes and learn to reorganize itself to correct visual outcomes.

VISION is a skill that children learn at an early stage in life, therefore if there is any form of deprivation it will cause a problem to their development.  

Children with higher risk of having vision problem


  • Premature birth or low birth weight
  • Parents who are both spectacle wearers
  • High refractive power or imbalance power between eyes
  • Squinting eyes or crossed eyes 
  • Systemic Immune diseases 

Relaxing your eyes in this Digital World

It is the 3rd generation of single vision lenses which is able to help to relieve eye strains and enhance our eyesight  by relaxing our eye muscles.


Almost 89% of eye strain cases in working adults shows that they are experiencing these symptoms


  • Blurring of vision 
  • Difficulty in focusing near task 
  • Sore & tired eyes 
  • Headaches 
  • Teary Eyes & irritation around eyelids
  • Sensitivity to lighting 

Learn More on how the 3rd Gen single vision lenses ”Relax Lens” is able to relieve these problems & enhance your eyesights. 

By taking up this simple Questionnaires :

Seeing comfortably after age 40

When it comes to aging, it is hard to deceive our lack of ability to focus near tasks due to our crystalline lens starting to lose its flexibility to adjust itself to different distances. PRESBYOPIC condition is something that we have to go through in life and it can be quite frustrating for some of us who’s daily work requires a lot of time focusing on near tasks. 

Fortunately with new designs of advance optical lenses we now can have all in one Progressive Lens (multi-focal lens) which is comfortable and easy to adapt. We incorporate the latest state of the art instruments which will capture and map out the best fitting point to suit every patient’s individual lifestyle & ergonomic features. 

Our choice of Multi-focal lens is nothing but the best for our patients and with the most affordable price! Contact us now and get a consultation from us to find out which type of Multi-focal lens is best suitable for you. 

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