LEICHT Mono design

Wire concept: Connecting past, present and future


Good design should be found in the essence of daily life.

Leicht was launched in 2018 in realizing that an eyewear can connect our conception throughout the past, present and future by focusing on timeless keywords.


Wear Leicht.

It helps you on your journey of conception from classic to modern.

Design Background

CONVENIENCE– Keep Bon-Ton style; Remove excessive flashiness

LIGHTWEIGHT- Create brand identity by wire-concept design; Pass through the time from classic

COMFORT- Thin, light, durable; Aiming for the most comfortable eyewear.

IDENTITY–  Vivid colored wire temples with various eye styles; Provide a wide range of choice

Special Features

The optimized hinge structure

Durable and very wearable by using 1.1 pi beta-titanium wires, that brings high strength and elasticity.

Beta-titanium temples in splendid colour variations by using Anodize vivid colours. Provide a wide range of colour choice.

Tip-end balls & Symbolic tip-ends. Keep eyeglasses balance & stable. Silicon tube temple-tips keeps wearers Comfortable fit and prevent from slip down.

Pad Arms Fishhook shape – Easy insert but no fall off.

Double-injection nose pads with allergen free and strong holding position.

Ultra-Light design with variety of eye-styles for all age and gender.

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