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Everyone usually reads “Essie Berlin”, the ic here is to name the brand from the homonym of “I SEE Berlin”.

From brand concept to design details, focus on pragmatic spirit and pursuit of perfect craftsmanship, you can see the connection between ic! berlin and German culture everywhere.

Silk Collection

Silk is our lightest, thinnest collection at ic! berlin. Inspired by minimalist Scandinavian design, Silk features a second-generation, patented no-screw hinge system. Each frame is designed to be feather light yet remarkably strong–just like the winds they’re named after.

The board is made of Italian acetate fiber, extracted from organic cotton fiber, and can withstand up to 80°C heat adjustment.

In addition, ic! applies 3D printing technology of modern technology to the design of glasses. Selective laser sintering technology is used to make the frame surface and foot cover, which can withstand high temperature to 150°C.

It has also combined rubber material with thin steel, thermoplastic elasticity at high temperature, injection molded on thin steel, has a good fit, and shaped thin steel glasses of different styles. At the same time, it can be adjusted freehand, without heating, and also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance.

Jumping into the week-end with a big smile as we present frame Sarma from our new Silk Collection. Sarma, a Oval-shaped frame from the Silk collection made of Stainless steel. Like all ic! berlin frames, Sarma is 100% designed and manufactured in Berlin.

As vintage and contemporary as Berlin can be. Benjamin wears Avus in Bronze, our newest interpretation of the classic aviator frame.

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