Agnès b

Agnès b

Made in France, in the factories of our historic garment manufacturer near Troyes, the snap eyewear has continuously evolved since its creation… and even if agnès b. likes to reshape and rethink this garment, the original versions are timeless agnès b. pieces.

Agnès b Sunglasses

Have you chosen your sunglasses to welcome the upcoming holidays?

Intoducing our agnès b sunglass collections, for both ladies and gentlemen.  The sunglasses come with designs that are eye catchy and able to highlight facial features and make them more stereoscopic.  The sunglass collection offers vivid and unique colors. We believe that the right embellishment is exactly the portrayal of French design.

Agnès b lunettes also came in a variety of frames. The French collection covers not only classic color tones, but also new colors to match with the season. Agnès b lunettes are a combination of elegance and retro charm. The frames are stylish go-to pieces, they go well with office look or smart casual. Like a piece of art, Agnès b lunettes worth repeating.

Agnes b  HOMME Eyewear Collections

Showcase men’s fashion and style and workwear has been a source of inspiration for agnes b. sincer her beginngins. When she opened her first boutique in 1975, at 3 rue du Jour in Paris, agnès b. already had a good experience as a stylist. At Dorothée Bis and Pierre d’Alby, she already used to touch on workwear. Today, these simple and comfortable pieces, which she likes to rework with new cuts and colours, are present in each of her collections.

With the agnes b eyewear Homme series for men’s adding to our addition really helps to


Compliment the whole concept of agnes b fashion.

Graphic spirit patterns, Liberty or tropical flowers, discover the key prints of the season

The Forever

Always faithful to her convictions, agnès b. is also to his style! In all her collections, there are essentials essential to the timeless style of which she works at length the cuts and details: the permanents.

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