Aspheric Lenses And Index

Aspheric Lenses And Index

Aspheric Lenses And Index


The combination of an aspheric design with high-index lens materials creates a lens that is noticeably slimmer, thinner and lighter than conventional glass or plastic lenses.

It is possible for spectacle wearers with a higher prescription to wear a larger size and trendier odd shape frames without worrying of the results of lenses appearing to be too thick.


With 1.50 standard lens (-3.25D)


Aspheric lenses design optimizes the accuracy of prescription on peripheral side. Conventional design lenses are usually more curved and thick on the edge, and this creates power distortion. Conventional lenses on high prescription also cause uncomfortable vision when wearer is gazing horizontally or vertically. With the aspherical design, vision is more stable and allows more freedom to gaze naturally without noticing image being distorted.


With ASPHERIC 1.60 index (-3.25)

Natural View

With the aspherical design it fits relatively closer to the eye, hence creating lesser minification on myopic eye or the other way is magnification for hyperopic eye.

However selection of frame is also important, a frame size that is too large for wearer’s face will further compromise the benefits of aspheric lenses. The opposite is good; with a small frame size it cuts away edge lens thickness hence nicer finishing and also prevents unnecessary peripheral distortion. But bear in mind a good pair of eyewear should be overall well balanced, in size, shape and color!