YELLOWSPLUS is All About Classic Beauty

Company’s long history, we have produced numerous different eyewear styles. Each new style has been studied and tested extensively and modified throughout the years to ensure comfort and functionality. The classic style is one such style that has been inherited and remains part of our collection at YELLOWS PLUS.


Its inevitable form and its fine appearance, contribute to the beauty of the style.

The model Morgan has very clear example of the brand expression.The creation and style from designer and founder mr.TOSHIAKI YAMAGISHI has always emphasize on the quality of timeless design.

Eyewear shapes and style in the modern world has definitely changed the landscape of how people put on a pair of eyewear. Trends are very much influenced by the current movement in the social media. However still when it comes to some fashion and style it highly depends on each individual’s personality and character, and each are unique and personal.


[YELLOWSPLUS] philosophy in designing products is to ensure that the traditional form of beauty while capturing the contemporaneity is passed to the next generation.

We believe that the eyewear that has timeless beauty can naturally go well with any kind of outfit and in any occasion. Needless to say, it can also match any type of skin color or face structure of wearers. A relaxing and simple classic style is our ideal form of the eyewear and is what we want to offer the wearers. This is why, even though classic style has been in the eyewear market for a long time, along with the apparel industry trend, we do not put too much emphasis on the retro, and classic taste in our products.

Adopting unprecedented materials and techniques is not always easy for us as our products are based on classic styles. Yet, thanks to the diligent craftsmen in the eyewear production center in Fukui, even if it is an unprecedented tough task, they welcome the challenge, and satisfy quality checks with high standards. Obviously one of the big reasons our product has a high reputation worldwide is simply because of its exquisite feel of class and quality.