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Model : Yp Kerry  Col 284 Oueshizu/ rose gold

We like to introduce some of our best and most selected models for the year. The fine details on the frame are subtle but outstanding to the eye of wearer and others who appreciate the craftsmanship.The quality acetate (plastic) materials are mostly sourced from the best in the world and the finishing on the titanium is so meticulous. It is definitely a pair of eyewear that took up many hours of work before being brought to life!.

Amongst all the well known brands in Japan, YELLOWSPLUS is one of the most searched brand by people who love handmade items. The founder Mr.Toshiaki Yamagishi who has deep passion to create a brand that suits well for asian features, with his great level of knowledge and paired with the Japanese craftsmens from Fukui (one of the world’s largest eyewear production district of Japan) He has managed to create many masterpiece of artwork for people to showcase on their face.These collection of eyewear remains true to its concept of design which is ‘’timeless in beauty’’

For those who do not know. The acetate material, by nature Is actually made from almost 90% natural compound. From the cellulose taken from wood pulp, and mixed with silk, cotton or wool to strengthen the material before being further process into a frame. Selections of colors are carefully being hand-picked by designers to add into the material and create a beautiful texture of colors for the frame.

Because of almost 100% natural material, the glossy shine on the surface will gradually fade with age. It’s the natural process, after years of wearing. For some wearers, they  would actually love to have them as it is, just like the natural aging process for leather called ‘’patina’’ which creates a unique color and texture of the material. However if you wish to repolish to make it looks as good as new again, we will always be there to service you.

Model : Yp Kerry  Col 284 Oueshizu/ rose gold

The signature 4circle icons on the titanium nose pads, not only prevents slippage but provides comfort of touch for many Asian ethinic which has a lower nose bridge profile.

Titanium in nature are very light and they are much stronger to resist oxidation therefore the color does not tarnish so easily.

With some love and proper care for this pair frame, it can live longer than whoever owns in.

There are various colors to choose from to match with your sense of style and to suit your skin tone. The link : Yellows Plus website

We like to feature these two most selected colors from the model yp Kerry. At our optical boutique we find that the color tone and overall texture of the frame just makes it look defined and timeless classic which has the class of its own.

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